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Who we Are

Garagem do Bairro® is an Automobile Maintenance Club, providing Excellence services for exclusive members, who benefit from all of the auto services and a set of permanent advantages, without any additional cost.

It gathers the valences of a wide range of VIP solutions, offered to members, with an extreme level of quality, prepared to operate throughout the country as an innovative and excellence Franchising system.

We work with your light-duty vehicle and...

Hybrids & Electrics



VIP Services
Historic Record
Photographic Record
Rigorous Procedures
Inspection & Insurance
Shine from end-to-end
Detailed Checkup
Interior & Exterior Cleaning
Pickup & Delivery
Steel-plated Commitment
All components

All of the services performed comply with strict quality standards and are based on strong methodologies tested throughout the years. We look at trust as a driving force, going far beyond providing the service itself, always adding value.

In addition to always offering pickup, test-drive, cleaning, manual waxing, as well as reports and photographic records that precede the delivery, we consider excellence as an unavoidable obligation, respecting the relationship with our members.

We maintain strict quality control tools, independent and that guarantee the demanding levels that we offer.

Exclusive Members
Operacional Areas
Technical Reports
Rigorous Interventions
Protected vehicles
Trust Testemonials
Dedicated Professionals
Photographic Records
Unforeseen Incidents






We act in several locations, at the moment throughout the district of Lisbon.
We are growing and we will soon extend the offer to new locations, stay tuned!

The expansion of the network is for us a commitment, conscious and responsible, as each step of the GDB reinforces our quality.
We leave the promise to cover more geographical areas, delivering the excellence that our members are accustomed to receive from us.

Thank you for your understanding!

How to be a member?

Become a member by paying a one-time fee membership of €350 (VAT Included).
Get immediate access to all the advantages of the GDB membership club, as well as the availability of your Supervisor without any restrictions!

With which brands and vehicles does GDB work?

We work with any vehicle of any brand, recent or old, large or small. We always have an experienced Commitment Supervisor who represents the interests of the member in GDB and accompanies the whole service, every moment at all times!

Why only for members?

Because we offer a VIP service to which we dedicate all the energy and resources in a bullet-proof logistics.
We guarantee quality of response and our members are always in first place, without even having to go or be there!

What are the advantages?

Fair prices, approved budgets to the cent, trust in the service, clarification and constant monitoring.
Detailed history of interventions, preventive and responsible attitude and services offered to each intervention!

Why only with appointment?

Early orders and timely services, the member always has priority.
In addition to the requested, check-up, cleaning, washing and waxing, take hours to perform.
We comply and do not let there be any interference, therefore regardless of the service we deliver on the same day!

Which are the differences between GDB and other repair shops?

In a word, everything!
We take on a mission from pickup, with guaranteed quality and comprehensive solution.
We like informed and fully satisfied members with a totally innovative service.
There are always things that we solve without charging.
Simply because the GDB member deserves it!

We Receive Trust & Deliver Excellence

Our tagline reveals our modus operandi.
Simple, responsible, comfortable, excelent, available and above all, Fair.

Our model of performance is based on a strong Preventive attitude, to the detriment of what the industry has accustomed the consumers, the role is merely corrective and dishonest. We strive to add value and cultivate policies of excellence, both internally and with our partners and suppliers.

We assume an unequivocal commitment to quality in all and each component of the comprehensive and global solution we offer.
Our members are really different people, who want to be respected and give priority to the return they have for their trust.


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2780-158 Oeiras
Lisboa - Portugal

Training & Ops Center

Rua Raúl Lino
2780-078 Oeiras
Lisboa - Portugal









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